Thursday, August 8, 2013

OUT INTO THE FIELD....Salt Lake City

Elder Brock left the MTC (missionary training center) on Saturday, July 27th.  He loved his time at the MTC but he was ready to get on to bigger and better things.  He joined the missionary choir at the MTC which is a little out of the box for Jordan. He also enjoyed seeing friends and family from his past in the MTC. His VISA has still been delayed and he was temporarily reassigned to the Salt Lake City South Mission.  He is excited about this but it has also proven to be difficult.  He is assigned to a Spanish speaking companion so he feels a little lost when teaching as he has been learning Portuguese.    But he was excited last week as he taught and committed two people to baptism in English.  He is learning to put others above himself.  He loves his companion who is from Mexico City, Mexico.
Elder Brock, Elder Fletcher, & Elder Quiroz

Elder Page & Elder Brock

Elder Ballard & Elder Brock

Elder Brock & Elder Tollett

Elder Brock

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