Monday, January 20, 2014

January 13, 2014

So transfers were actually today so I am in the same area with a new companion! My companion is Elder Maia and I am excited to be able to serve with him and learn from him! To give you the update on the language.....I am pretty much fluent I guess you would say jk! But the language is coming great! I just take it day by day. Some days I feel that I will never learn it and then the next I feel great so I am learning more each day so that is all that counts. So this week was a pretty great week because I got to experience probably the biggest rainstorm of my life! This storm like soaked me in literally 15 seconds if that! And to even make it better, I was on an exchange with another elder so we had to run in it to get me back to my area! I love this mission! I can honestly tell you now that the greater the trial the greater the triumph. This mission is different and there were times that I just wanted to give up and go home, but you know the Lord knows each and every one of us. He knows what we are able to handle and he knows exactly when he needs to help us out and give us that little boost. It is when we are going through that hard time or when we want to just give up and quit that we are given the opportunity to improve ourselves. We are given the opportunity to become a better person, to learn and to grow. But the one thing that I absolutely love is that it is OUR decision. The Lord doesn´t just throw us into a situation and make us grow....we have to decide to grow. We have to make that difficult decision, but He is there to help us when we make it. In our lives we are faced with difficult decisions every single day. Some are more difficult than others but each one is OUR decision. It is so easy to just make the easy decision at times but have faith. Have faith that He is there. Know that He is ALWAYS going to help you. It is weird being out here on the mission because at home I always had people to turn to you know? Like on the mission you have people to turn to but at home I could talk to my parents, but here on the mission it is my life now. Always has been my life but this is really like my mission, my decisions you know? Well it makes sense to me so sorry for those that are confused lol. But one thing that I have learned from making decisions on my own is that He loves us. He helps us. We just need to have faith and let Him help us! I want all of ya’ll to know that he is there! Whenever life gets tough and you just want to give up...Keep Going! Keep pushing forward and in the end you will become the person that He wants you to be. You will become stronger than you were before and you will become more prepared to return to live with our Father in Heaven! I am so grateful for this gospel. Going out to preach the gospel and giving up 2 years is the hardest thing I have ever done. Leaving my family feels impossible at times, but I know that I owe this to the Lord. I know that He is going to help me become the person that I need to become! I love all of ya’ll and know that He is always there and that life isn´t easy but possible! I am praying for each and everyone of ya’ll and know that if ya’ll need anything I am here!  Love, Elder Brock


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