Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Two Front Teeth.....

Well another week in the mission field. I can honestly say that whenever you feel like life is getting easier on the mission something is ALWAYS thrown at you. You know it is just crazy how life is right now! So we had another baptism this week and it was one that has been waiting to happen for about a month or so now so it was great to see Antonio make the decision to be baptized and united with his family! I had the amazing opportunity to be able to perform the baptism so that was awesome as well! Other than that we have another investigator on date for this coming up Saturday. Her name is Bárbara and she is about 20 or 30ish! She just told us in the last lesson that she received her answer that the Book of Mormon was true so she is excited for her baptism, as are we!

So this week was pretty interesting...well first of all I received my Christmas package so HOORAY!!!!! Ha-ha I was pretty excited about that! But then the next day I broke my 2 front teeth.... yeah I should have asked for 2 front teeth for Christmas. I feel like I get problems thrown at me left and right being out here on the mission but I just got to keep going. I know that I am doing the Lord´s work and he will bless me and the people that I am serving here in Brazil! This whole situation with my teeth and everything has kind of been a blessing well I try to look at it as that way. My whole mission I have been a little worried about my teeth moving and maybe not being straight and now I am missing parts of them! But besides that fact it made me realize that we should be grateful for what we have. We don´t need to be always dwelling on--Oh I wish I could do this or I wish I had that because if we are doing that then we will always be doing that and we will never be truly happy with what we have. Last night I was laying in bed just thinking and I remember my first couple weeks here in Brazil I was wondering why everyone was always so happy. I remember we ate lunch with some members one day and their house was about the size of my bedroom at home but they were so happy! I was eating lunch right next to where they slept and I remember sharing a message on how putting others before ourselves help us to have Joy! I remember the dad said, "you know I don´t have a lot, I work a lot of hours and don´t spend a lot of time with my family, but because we put the Lord first we are truly blessed". He said we have a place to sleep; we have food on the table. This made me realize my whole life I have always been concerned with things that I want to change. It made me realize that instead of dwelling on things that we want to change we should be happy with the things that we have because there may come a point in time where we don´t have that. Just like with my teeth. Always be grateful for what you have. Don´t be concerned with things you want to change or things you don´t have because there may come a point in time where you don´t have anything! I love this gospel. I love that my teeth just like we teach in the first lesson about the RESTORATION will be restored!!! That is our joke-- so don´t worry I hope my teeth will be fine and I am sure they will be, but for the fun of it--here is a picture! Thank you for all the support you all give me at home and know that I love all of you! If there is anything you need please just let me know!           Love, Elder Brock

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